SoapUI 5.0.0 ya está aquí.

SoapUI 5.0Como dice el título de este artículo, SoapUI 5.0 ya está aquí. Los chicos de SMART BEAR lanzaron el pasado 9 de Abril SoapUI 5.0, herramienta indispensable y de uso casi diario para muchos de los que nos dedicamos a las pruebas de software.

Las tres características principales de SoapUI 5.0 son: soporte para OAuth 2.0, REST Mocking y por último pero no menos importante: REST Discovery! REST Discovery permite grabar y capturar fácilmente solicitudes de la API, crear con un solo clic bancos de pruebas, e incluso crear MOCKs de la API que acabas de grabar!

Esta versión 5.0 de SoapUI se centra en mejorar las capacidades para pruebas REST de SoapUI y SoapUI Pro, centrándose en ayudar al equipo de pruebas a realizar pruebas rápidas y sencillas de APIs REST pobremente documentadas.

SoapUI 5.0Esto se logra mediante el uso de una nueva y potente función llamada REST Discovery, que permite grabar fácilmente las interacciones con el API, y que SoapUI cree automáticamente todos los recursos asociados.

Otras nuevas características son: Soporte para OAuth 2, automatización de interacciones de inicio de sesión del navegador interacciones que permite pruebas de integración continua. Esto es ideal para organizaciones que trabajan con integración continua, pues permite automatizar más fácilmente las pruebas de las API que requieren OAuth 2.

A continuación tenéis los detalles de la nueva versión, funcionalidades, bugs corregidos y mejoras:

SoapUI 5.0.0

Released 2014-04-09

Nuevas funcionalidades

  • REST Mocking – Easily create REST MockServices without scripting and test unavailable/prototype APIs.
  • OAuth 2.0 support – Test APIs using OAuth 2.0, group different OAuth 2.0 credentials into profiles, and automate your OAuth 2.0 tests to integrate with other build tools.
  • (Pro only) REST Discovery – Quickly get your undocumented API under test by recording your interactions with the API.
  • (Pro only) REST Test Suite Builder – Automatically create test suites from your recorded interactions with the API, making sure you test the right requests.
  • (Pro only) REST Discovery + REST Mocking – Seamlessly create REST Mocks using responses from REST Discovery recordings.

Bugs corregidos

  • XSDs now exposed correctly for MockServices in subdirectories (SOAP-1313)
  • Memory log panel now shows correct total memory for sizes above 2GB (SOAP-1574)
  • It is now possible to sign the BinarySecurityToken when creating a WSS signature entry (SOAPUI-4586/SOAP-1097, contribution from Willem Salembier)
  • The resource editor and request editor views are now better synced (SOAP-830)
  • Improved the behavior of the request view’s pop-up parameter table (SOAP-845)
  • Added missing hint text from the «New REST Resource» dialog (SOAP-1102)
  • Removed some duplicate library archives. (SOAP-1195)
  • Importing WSDL protected by Basic HTTP Authentication is now possible again (SOAP-1331)
  • XML conversion no longer fails for JSON value whose name starts with digit (SOAP-1405)
  • Starter page now resizes correctly also on Mac OS X (SOAP-1212)
  • Redirect requests no longer ignore manually configured proxy settings (SOAP-1208)
  • Fixed several minor issues with JSON when using WADL files with a schema (SOAP-1219)
  • Fixed NullPointerException when asserting schema compliance on XSDs (SOAP-1229)
  • It is once again possible to create new REST test steps despite having REST services with duplicated names. (SOAP-1239)
  • Fixed custom properties not working with REST test steps that were using a JMS endpoint (SOAP-1251)
  • Fixed SecurityTestRunner not creating reports on Mac OS X (SOAP-1278)
  • Improved compatibility with MTOM and WCF (SOAP-1316)
  • Removed unnecessary «Failed to delete temporary project file» warnings. (SOAP-1338)
  • Export project to zip file no longer shows error message (SOAP-1948)
  • SSLContext is now configurable using the system property soapui.sslcontext.algorithm (SOAP-2013)
  • Wide Unicode char no longer causes CharConversionException on import (SOAP-1752)
  • (Pro only) Fixed the maven plugin crashing when executing a project containing a Message Content Assertion (SOAP-1348)
  • (Pro only) Fixed unnecessary 500 ms delay in data-driven tests (SOAP-769)
  • (Pro only) Fixed issue where data-driven REST tests sometimes picked up the wrong data (SOAP-722)
  • (Pro only) JSON is no longer converted to XML in some cases (SOAP-1219)


  • Introduced Script class for internal grouping of constants (Contribution from Marc Paquette)
  • Added a (non-GUI) setting to control starting the Cajo server on startup (Contribution from Marc Paquette)
  • Improved file chooser behavior in certain scenarios (Contribution from Marc Paquette)
  • Added missing soapui.logroot configuration to the log4j definition of the GLOBALGROOVYLOG (Contribution from Michael Ottati)
  • IdleConnectionHandler is now correctly stopped (Contribution from Christoph Thelen)
  • Normalize pathname for listeners, factories and root (SOAP-1424, Contribution from Marc Paquette)

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